Photo © Lilach Raz

ADI SALANT, independent choreographer & dance educator. Born in 1975. Dance officially entered Adi's life at the age of six. Since then, she has lived and breathed this profession. Adi has experienced various aspects of the dance world at the highest professional level.

Adi is a freelance choreographer and is invited to create for dance companies and different dance projects. Her creations are performed all over the world.

With her reputation as an internationally acclaimed dance educator and director, she mentors numerous dancers in the dance world.

With a 27-year professional career, Adi has brought together her ideas and contributions and formed the approach that resonates in her classes: LIM /Life Is Moving. The name says it all...

In her classes she offers the opportunity to explore and refine the connection and understanding of how to enhance, feel and present movement. She invites you to dive into the infinite depths and spread your wings in the open distance.

Her dance career began at the prestigious Israeli dance school Bat-Dor, where she was a student for 12 years, and graduated with excellence from the Alon High School of the Arts. Upon graduation she was accepted into the Young Batsheva Ensemble, and two years later she was invited to join the main Batsheva company, where she danced for 5 successful years. After leaving the company, Ohad Naharin invited her to act as his principal assistant and to stage his repertoire for major companies around the world.

Adi was the Co-Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company together with Ohad Naharin, for 8 years, 2009-2017.

As a certified senior teacher of the Gaga Technique, she taught Gaga Dancers & People classes and was the Artistic Director of several Gaga Intensive courses.

Adi has been the head of the dance department at Thelma-Yellin, one of Israel's leading art high schools, from September 2019 to August 2020.

This year Adi will complete a Bachelor of Education studies at the Faculty of Arts at Kibbutzim College of Education.