Cristina Maiquez

Born in Valencia. She began her formation at the dance Conservatory of Ribarroja del Turia. At the age of 13 she was awarded a scholarship to London's Royal Ballet School, and finished her studies at the Royal Dance Conservatory of Madrid.

She studied with outstanding teachers like Carmen Pascual, Rita Martínez, Inmaculada Gil, Vicente Gregori, Julia Estévez, Virginia Valero, Victor Ullate, Carmina Ocaña, Rodolfo Castellanos, Simon Mottram, Carmen Roche...

She won the second prize at the Dance Competition in Ribarroja del Turia.

Her professional career began in Madrid at 1998 under the direction and choreographer Juan Carlos Santamaría.

In July 1999 she went to Germany and joined the Hagen Ballet for one season, until August 2000 when she joined the also german Dance Company Opernhaus Halle Saale.

In August 2003 she got a contract as a Soloist at the Thüringen Ballet, where she was prometed to Principal Dancer one season later, until july 2007 when she came back to Spain and finished her artistic career as a dancer.

She had the chance to work with different choreographers like Uwe Scholz, Nils Christe, Marco Goecke, Youri Vámos, Yoko Taira, Ralf Rossa, Tom Wiggers, Pierre Wyss... dancing the main rolles of “Coppelia” as Swanilda, “Sleeping Beauty” as Aurora, "Swan Lake" as Odette-Odile, “A Midsummer Night's Dream" as Titania, “Pulcinella” as Pimpinella...

In 2008 obtains the equivalence for the higher education dance teaching in the specialty of Choreography and Interpretation Dance Techniques by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Since September 2008 she is a Ballet Master at the Conservatory of Riabarroja del Turia in Valencia.