Pedro Manuel Oliver

Pedro Manuel Oliver Fernández Senior Piano Teacher, repertoire pianist and accompanying dance pianist.

Born in Madrid. He began his musical studies at the age of 4 and carried out his elementary and professional studies in piano, musical language, harmony, etc. Later he was admitted to the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid (RCSMM) where he carried out his higher studies and license with Julián López Gimeno.

Throughout his career, he expanded his musical training in various fields by taking advanced courses with teachers such as Marta Zabaleta, Anatoli Povzoun, Fernando Puchol, Guillermo González, Ana Guijarro, Claudio Martínez Menher, Alexander Kandelaki, Nino
Keredselidze. He has also attended Master Classes with teachers such as Murray Perahia, Galina Eguiazarova, Andrzej Jasinski, among others.

At the moment he is working for a dance company from Germany at the Landestheater among others.

He has performed as a soloist in different cities in Spain and Europe. He collaborates in many educational and charity concerts and has collaborated with universities such as the UCM, San Pablo CEU among others.

He has attended as a Dance Accompanying Pianist at the CND (Spanish National Dance Company) under the direction of José Carlos Martínez.
For more than 12 years he developed the work of a Pianist specialized in dance accompaniment working with teachers such as Wim Broeckx (Queensland Ballet), Carlos Lopez (ABT) María Cristina Álvarez, Aurora Bosch, Orlando Salgado, Lienz Chang (National Ballet of Cuba, Havana), Loipa Araujo (English National ballet), Carlos López (América Ballet Theater), Gonzalo García (New York City Ballet), Esther Protzman (Comservatorium den Haag), Alen Bottaini (English National Ballet School, London), Lisa-Maree Cullum (Bayerisches Staatsballet, Munich), among others .. .

He participates in the inaugural concert of the Mariemma congress (Madrid) interpreting the Bolero del Marabú.

In 2019 he is invited as an accompanying pianist to the Master Class of Loipa Araujo (English National Ballet Master) at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

He has worked as a specialist pianist for classes in Ballet, Spanish Dance (Escuela Bolera y Danza Estilizada) CPD Fortea, CPD Carmen Amaya, Summer intensive BMICA (Munich),...

Has been invited to work in intensive summer courses among which are: Summer Course of Víctor Ullate, Russian Masters Ballet Camp, Summer Intensive Valencia en Danza, BMICA Summer course (With Alain Botaini)

Since 2010 he has held a position as Accompaining Pianist and Piano Teacher of the CAM working at the RCPD MARIEMMA of the Community of Madrid.