Price & conditions

14th Internacional Campus Valencia 2023
Registration Registration in order to reserve your place. You will receive an email confirming your registration with payment instructions.

• 100% of the deposit /registration fee is refundable only in case of cancellation before May 30th, 2024

• 50% of the deposit /registration fee is refundable only in case of cancelation before June 30th, 2024. After this date there will be no refund of the reservation.

100 €


(clases only)

The remaining 500€ would be paid by bank transfer before July 15th , 2024.
• In case of injury, illness or justifiable cause, before Campus starts, ADAM will refund the fee payed till that moment, except 50% of the inscription fee (refund of 50€) under administrative costs.
• ADAM won't refund any cost of the workshop in case of occurring force majeure events that would bring the participant to leave the workshop.

600 €

  * Tuition for students from former editions

550 €


* Participants should accept all rules and regulations, as well as the Campus cancelation's policy that will be provided by mail. Those would refer to the actuation procedure in case of health emergency or in case of contagion once the workshop had begun.
* ADAM retains the right to use any photos or video clips taken during the workshop for advertising purposes solely for future workshops (not for a 3rd party sale). If you do not agree to this term please inform us in advance before arriving at the workshop.
* Physiotherapy will be charged extra according to treatment and time.
* ADAM is not held responsible for any transport to and from the workshop carried out by other contractors.
* Every dancer student must have a medical insurance valid for Europe.
* ADAM will not refund any tuition/accommodation fees if a student leaves as a result of a pre-existing injury or medical/mental condition.
* Students taking any medications must inform the office of their condition and bring an ample supply of their medication from their home.
* Travel insurance is not included, we highly recommend that you take a personal travel insurance before you travel, which will also cover your cancelation fees in case of being unable to attend the workshop at the last minute.
* For further information or questions please contact us.